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Découverte de manga : Helck (

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Découverte de manga : Helck ( <p>Je suis pas doué pour résumer, donc je colle ici celui de Wikipédia (malheureusement pas en français) : <br />It has been three months since the Demon Lord was defeated by a lone human hero. While the humans celebrated their victory, the demon realm quickly organized a tournament to choose their next Lord. One peculiar contestant quickly rising up through the tournament is a human hero named Helck, who claims to hate his own kind. Vermilio the Red, one of the Four Elite Lords overseeing the tournament, immediately suspects Helck of being a saboteur and tries to rig the following matches into games of skill, but Helck continues to win. Vermilio soon finds out that Helck is a wanted criminal in the human realm, suspected of killing his brother, who happens to be the legendary hero Cless, the one who killed the Demon Lord. Vermilio still wants to know, what is Helck's true motivation for entering the tournament? What happened in the human realm over the past three months? And what are these mysterious winged soldiers now threatening the demon realm in place of the humans?</p><hr /><p>Le manga est encore en édition actuellement (ainsi que le manga papier visiblement), n'étant pas vraiment fan de Manga de base, j'en attendais pas grand chose, c'était plus un passe temps, et je dois avouer que celui-ci me plait bien. Plutôt humoristique, et le cliché du personnage principal qui peut tout faire. 9 épisodes sont actuellement disponibles.</p>

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